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NFL Live StreamingOn September 20th, 2015 the Minnesota Vikings will host the Detroit Lions at TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, MN for the 108th match-up in between these 2 competitors of the NFC North. The Vikings have overcome their division rival throughout the years, publishing a 69-36-2 record, but this has actually been primarily because of some extremely poor outings by Detroit, including an 0-16 period in 2008. The Vikings won 18 games versus the Lions between 2000-2010, losing only 2 games because 10-year time period. However, the tides have started to kip down this years with Detroit winning 6 of the past 10 games and sweeping this opponent in the 2011 and 2014 periods. What does this mean for the week 2 Detroit Lions vs Minnesota Vikings game? With the Vikings getting swept in 2014, are they now on a down trend?

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Both groups worked with new head coaches to lead their groups in 2014. Mike Zimmer was tapped to lead Minnesota while Jim Caldwell took control of as Detroit’s new head coach. Caldwell kept the team about the like his predecessor while Zimmer did a complete overhaul. Zimmer fielded a rookie quarterback in Teddy Bridgewater, played without perennial star Adrian Peterson, altered the plan on both sides of the ball, and jettisoned play makers such as Jared Allen. The Lions, on the other hand, made it to the playoffs in 2014 led by franchise quarterback Matthew Stafford and an excellent supporting cast of Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate. The Detroit Lions vs Minnesota Vikings games always had intense fights in the trenches and Detroit has won in the past few years due generally to superstar defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. In the week 2 match-up with these 2 teams, Suh will certainly not be a problem for the Vikings as he was lost to Miami during complimentary company. This is unquestionably going to harm the Lions on their protective front while offering Minnesota somewhat of a benefit just due to the fact that they not have to deal with Suh.

The Vikings appear to be on the up-rise while a case could be made that the Lions are trending downward from a peak. In the week 2 match-up with these 2 teams, Detroit will certainly be without their superstar Suh while Minnesota will have their super star running back once again. Adrian Peterson missed out on all the 2014 period due to concerns off of the field so the Detroit Lions vs Minnesota Vikings games in 2014 greatly preferred the former. This year, in 2015, the reverse could be said. In week 2, we will certainly see if the absence of Suh and the return of Peterson shifts the balance of power in between these 2 teams once again. Minnesota’s addition of wide receiver Mike Wallace could likewise offer the group the edge. The Lions will certainly still be formidable challengers, to be sure, with Calvin Johnson, Golden Tate, and Matthew Stafford leading the charge. But we need to expect to see a much-improved team in the Vikings with Teddy Bridgewater having another year under his belt, the team as a whole meshing better under Zimmer’s schemes, and the return of Adrian Peterson. There is all sign that today 2 game is likelying to be a barometer for each groups’ future success for the year. Watch Detroit Lions vs Minnesota Vikings Live Stream NFL Football Game HERE!

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