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If you want to rhyme tactics with physics, football fields and their famous floor marking are waiting for you. To start this sport both fun and rich in discoveries, we offer our guide. Discover its history, its rules, and its benefits and learn how to equip yourself and get you started on this collective adventure.

What Is American Football?

If you like suspense, you will enjoy the US Football fields. On the other hand as for its history, short coupons: this sport is born in 1865 in the United States. Influenced initially by rugby and English football, it is then very different from the sport practiced today.

How is it practiced? In 1920 the NFL (National Football League) is created in the United States and proposes its rules and its championship. This is the version of the US Football that we are talking about today. Now if you know the nfl pro bowl then you will know what we are talking of.

Often compared to a human-sized chess game, the US Football is a game where you score points by throwing or carrying the ball into the opponents’ in-goal. In attack, you have 4 attempts to progress 10 yards. If you succeed, you have 4 new attempts. Otherwise, you return to the bench waiting for the next attack! Yes, at the US Football each team has an offensive formation and a defensive formation, made up of 11 players each.

You can also score points by tapping the ball at the foot between the posts. You guessed? There is also a specific training for these phases of the game. As much to tell you that you necessarily have the qualities required for one of the posts of American football!

From the United States where it punctuates the life of cities, high schools and colleges, Foot US has exported to Canada, and is developing in Europe and Japan, with rules and specificities that sometimes vary.

Outstanding outdoor sport, the US football is played on synthetic and natural terrains… Its variants allow you to start on sand, grass and even hard surfaces, thanks to its very playful and contactless version, Flag Football

Us Foot Rules

The US Football is played 11 to 11: a defensive formation against an offensive formation.You have 4 quarters of 15 minutes to score more points than the opposing team. And to score, you can kick the ball between the opposing posts (field goal), which is worth 3 points, or get to the end of the opponent’s field in possession of the ball for a touchdown, which gives you 6 points, and an attempt 1 or 2 point conversion.

In defensive formation, you must prevent the opponent from scoring by putting the player in possession of the ball or intercepting the ball.

In offensive formation you have 4 attempts the downs to advance 10 yards. If you put the knee on the ground when you carry the ball or you leave the field carrying the ball, the game stops and the next down begins at this point. If the pass is not completed, the attack does not progress and the game resumes from the starting point of the previous down.

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